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14/07/17: Nhen, part I :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
Mature content
Appendix C: Humanisers Say What? :iconiroken:Iroken 1 0
Revisitation Inc.: Pilot (excerpt)
NOUSHA (30's, Iranian), dressed in a light-coloured casual outfit, sits at her desk and is on the phone. The desk is slightly disorganised, a tall cup of Starbucks coffee atop a stack of books.
              (into phone)
          We're getting everything ready for him. No need
          to worry.
          No, it won't be like Dionysus. He was a loose,
          drunk cannon, and we should have checked with AA
          beforehand. But that was a
:iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
060417: landscape by Iroken 060417: landscape :iconiroken:Iroken 2 0 060417: pink by Iroken 060417: pink :iconiroken:Iroken 4 0 060417: red by Iroken 060417: red :iconiroken:Iroken 2 0
NNWM16: Prologue and Chapter 1
            Somewhere in the distant country of redacted because reasons, a small bear cub rocks on the ground, catching pebbles in its mahogany fur. Its mother is out, foraging for food at Generic Name River, where salmon burst out of water like strips of impressionist red. The father is nowhere to be found, presumably shot by a game hunter a week ago.
            It's in this remote location that arguably the most important event of the century will occur in approximately fifty seconds.
            A warm glow beckons the eye of the bear cub. As the cub turns its head, a passing dandelion seed lodges itself into its nose. It sneezes in a manner that would make the most hardened man squeal in utter delight. This in itself could be the most important event of the year, perhaps, but that's not quite wh
:iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
Mature content
TC: Chapter IV, Part I :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
frank (and cecil), a sketch by Iroken frank (and cecil), a sketch :iconiroken:Iroken 1 0 220317 by Iroken 220317 :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0 bruce by Iroken bruce :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
I: Trac
    Bet'ten: an unremarkable village situated in Lop, a puny, landlocked country surrounded by the vast Beb Desert. Once known as a famous tourist destination, Bet'ten has since dwindled into the shadow of Hollen, the capital of commerce. Water purifiers? They got it. Indentured servants? Where else? Gaudy lace curtains? Made by the one and only Miss Prys. If it existed, it was there.
    Trac's parents were the figureheads of the Bet'ten tourism department. Their faces beamed on buttons, stickers, mugs, plant holders, and more. The Topera family were the definition of wealth. Well, once. Now, with a whole ten people per day visiting attractions, Bet'ten was considering demolishing the sights and joining Hollen in world trade conquest. Business was where it was at. Nobody's got time anymore for leisure walks or visits to the desiccating oasis.
    Trac scribbled in her notebook, her mom and dad staring uncomfortably from the pen handle. She
:iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
Mature content
TC: Chapter III, Part III :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
Mature content
TC: Chapter III, Part II :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0
090317 by Iroken 090317 :iconiroken:Iroken 2 0
Mature content
TC: Chapter III, Part I :iconiroken:Iroken 0 0

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Daisies by sorinapostolescu Daisies :iconsorinapostolescu:sorinapostolescu 47 5 Shore of the River by sorinapostolescu Shore of the River :iconsorinapostolescu:sorinapostolescu 73 9 tour de eiffel by Lisa-M-T tour de eiffel :iconlisa-m-t:Lisa-M-T 123 28
Make a Difference #54
Artists join deviantART to share their art and appreciate others. Due to the many artists out there, it’s easy to get towed under and generally obscured from the public.
Make a Difference aims to do exactly that. This series of articles will hopefully make a difference to you as well as the artists featured weekly. Just by giving one minute of your time to write constructive comments, favourites and even watches will make a difference to these artists.
:iconlisa-m-t: is a general digital photographer and a deviant for just one month, but she already has a stunning gallery of a great variety of subject matters.

Lisa-M-T's Gallery
:iconthe-bri-pod: Suggested by namenotrequired, The-Bri-Pod is a lyrics writer with literature that merits more constructive comments. He uses rhythm, rh
:icon3wyl:3wyl 19 0
Why Comment in the First Place?
Many people ask themselves (sometimes on a daily basis) why they should comment on a piece of work. Whether it's just a deviation that pops up into our message centres or a deviation on deviantART's home page, what makes us decide whether we should, or even want to, comment on that piece?
Why do we bother? Or more importantly, why don’t we bother?
This guide explores the thoughts that we may have, the excuses we make, and, hopefully, a few thoughts to encourage you to comment, not just with a few words and that's it, but to really give a fellow artist a constructive comment that they deserve... that we deserve.
What is mentioned below is by no means accurate or complete and it does not apply to everyone. It was written by ProjectComment as a Group, by deviants, for deviants and we sincerely hope you enjoy reading this.
A massive thank you to annajordanart, catadescour, katdesignstudio, Jenniej92 and xblackxbloodxcellx who all contributed in the maki
:icon3wyl:3wyl 521 506
Comment Month Features - Issue 11
This news article is a continuation of features of deviations from seven deviants who took part in Comment Month through commenting on the deviations that were submitted.
Please give your time to :+favlove: this article and to write constructive comments so that you make a true difference to the artists featured here. Although not all may be underappreciated, their efforts deserve to be recognised and celebrated.
:star: xblackxbloodxcellx :star:

:star: NueNagi :star:
Sakura - 02 by NueNagi Waterfall by NueNagi Hidden Shrine by NueNagi HBD - Heise-mao - Peter White by NueNagi Murtagh by NueNagi HBD Yvonne by NueNagi Sunset of an Unrequited Dream by NueNagi :thumb128708258:
:star: violetlight :star:
Rejuvenation by violetlight Reflections by violetlight Pouting stars by violetlight Butterfly, flutterby by violetlight Hiding behind the camera by violetlight Against the odds, even it up by violetlight Turkish delight by violetlight Damselfly...edited by violetlight
:icon3wyl:3wyl 23 2
Obscured Photos: 0-5 Comments // Issue 10
:iconobscuredphotos: :iconobscuredphotos: :iconobscuredphotos:
Featured Photos
Abstract & Surreal
~featured by GilWarzecha

Animals, Plants & Nature
~featured by WolfsPoet, Antimas and ObscuredPhotos

~featured by 3wyl

~featured by violetlight, Baconbits93 and ladyred200141
Just like me... by XxSonoKyuuketsukixX newtonian stuff by Lens-Glance
~featured by Tourdumondiste, Kaz-D and ObscuredPhotos
Break Dance by K-RiM-Startimes2 Faith for Sale by 2020V DSC07836 by edhel-ism
People & Portraits
~featured by aki-o, MusMustMess and Tourdumondiste
:thumb149009061: NAZLI by arzubulut Salsa IX by gregd-photography
~featured by Kaz-D, 3wyl and ObscuredPhotos
:icon3wyl:3wyl 29 8
A Guide on (Offending) Comments
This guide will, hopefully, tackle the issues of how to show the disadvantages of a piece to an artist without turning them down, how to handle comments received, no matter how good or bad they are, and how to reply to the comments received, particularly if you don’t understand or you are bothered, which may lead to unnecessary drama.
How to show the disadvantages of a piece without turning the artist down (and making them feel worthless)
We all have our own perspectives, and so we all interpret things and, most importantly, comments differently. If Person A wrote a comment and thought they sounded quite calm, Person B could take the comment and perceive it as Person A attacking them.
One way to show the disadvantages of a piece is by reducing the accusing and insulting tone by introducing words such as "maybe/might", "perhaps", "I think", "could be", which softens the overall tone and make you sound less blunt and "in your face".
Additionally, putting
:icon3wyl:3wyl 416 354
Minus twenty by MichalKownacki Minus twenty :iconmichalkownacki:MichalKownacki 171 23 Dunes by musicofthenight1 Dunes :iconmusicofthenight1:musicofthenight1 10 4 cherry tomatoes 2 by cmsfk70 cherry tomatoes 2 :iconcmsfk70:cmsfk70 5 11 Peirce by CheyMurray Peirce :iconcheymurray:CheyMurray 131 42
Obscured Photos: Features .09
ObscuredPhotos is a photography group dedicated to exposing obscured (unknown, underappreciated, etc.) photography. It doesn't matter where you are at in terms of skill; if you are underappreciated and you feel you deserve more recognition, you've come to the right place!
This article features all of the deviations submitted in the past week, as well as Theme 9 – Spontaneity. Feel free to have a browse! You never know, but you may find something you like.
Deviations submitted into the Gallery
Feeble Stripe 6 by ManyFurryArmadillos Edited You'll Ask For Me by guitargirl94 Lichen by xXxX-Phoenix-XxXx geisha by SorinDanut Cattail Down. by bwolkenhauer look at me by JesusFC GoodMorningWorld by Endlosertraum :thumb128835651: :thumb158812413: hello mom by Tsukiko-chan09 strange flower by mandalamker :thumb158003774: Small World by jvrichardson Recession Project 5 by Strikethecamera :thumb156862493: Locals by Shady-Tradesman Path of light by secretfool Road closed by saddarkness
:icon3wyl:3wyl 39 26
Squirrel by acww-freak08 Squirrel :iconacww-freak08:acww-freak08 54 52 Link by crunchwing Link :iconcrunchwing:crunchwing 89 75
Project Comment: 0-5 Comments // Issue 78

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Digital Art
~featured by xblackxbloodxcellx, amaira515 and xbrittx102

~featured by TheDeviantIndigo, Yankee84 and ProjectComment

Traditional Art
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Darth Vader attacked by DoodleWithGlueGun NINJILLIAN by Bonecold311
Artisan Crafts
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Simple ethnic by WhiteSquaw Fire Fairy by Supergurl17 :thumb136031107:
Design & Interfaces
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Literature – Prose
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Haunted by selenceXvamp122 Patient Zero by Omnius666 :thu
:icon3wyl:3wyl 22 4


Iroken's Profile Picture
Jack Channing
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Self-taught artist. Mostly sketching and novel work at this point, but also expect occasional poetry or maybe even photography. I'm also an aspiring polyglot and stuff.

alternate art dump site: furaffinity (may be slightly NSFW)
1. When did you start commenting on artwork, and why?
Way back when in 2008-2009ish? It was mostly for connections at the start, or for showing a little appreciation beyond a favourite. Now, though, I comment to [attempt to] further an artist's work or skill. I suppose I'm an editor at heart.

2. What kind of art do you like to comment on?
Mostly things that I can speak with some experience on, or that I know I have something to say about it.

3. Nowadays, do you often +fav or comment, and why?
A little of both. I favourite on busy days, or when I'm unsure if the artist wants something beyond a friendly comment. I critique on other days within Project Comment when I know I can set aside a couple hours.

4. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum?
1] (see answer to #1)
2] I'm a tad pessimistic, so I live vicariously through other people's work while partially dejecting my own. .-.
3] I think commenting on things gives some artists more pride in their work. It's hard to make it these days, so every bit counts.
4] On a selfish note again, constuctive commenting improves my own art by noticing mistakes and applying similar critiques on my stuff.

5. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it?
It's trying to apply a balance -- good/bad, too little/too much. I also try to pay attention to the style of art and the artist's description of it to build a more personalised comment.

6. What is a constructive comment, in your opinion?
Constructive commenting is, like above, applying a balance in your words. If you've only negative things to say, then it's not constructive, and hurts more than helps. Likewise with only good things: if you sugarcoat it all and don't try to find something the person can improve on, then the artist doesn't go anywhere.

7. Is there a difference between a constructive comment and a critique? If so, what is this difference?
I personally think critiquing is a much more serious take on constructive commenting. There's less focus on what's been done right and more on what can be improved on. That's not to say it's devoid of compliments. Critiquing is also more in-depth. For example, if someone drew an arm wrong, constructive criticism might be like, "the arm needs a bit of work [at this spot] but overall shape is ok", while critiquing might be like, "[this specific spot on the arm] needs work [and here's how you might do that]". Sort of, anyhow.

8. How often do you think you comment constructively and post critiques?
I try to think most of my comments are constructive. Within Project Comment, I do my best to make all of them constructive. As for critiques, I don't do that as often as I'm still learning. Posting an actual critique in the requested box far less so.

9. Do you use a specific technique when you comment? (e.g. sandwich method)
Sandwich, yep. Good -> improvements -> good. If the improvements get a little lengthy, I stick in some relevant things done well.

10. What kind of comments do you like to receive? (e.g. constructive, critique, 'normal')
I want to say all but... I can be a little downtrodden with any of those. Normal comments are ok but I really need to get better. Constructive are really nice but I tend to feel like my art's terrible when I felt it was great beforehand. Critiques would be even better, though I can take it the wrong way. HOWEVER all comments are fine in the end. I shrug it off in time.

11. Do you have any comment expectations regarding your artwork? (e.g. tips for improvement, likes and dislikes, etc.)
I mainly just want tips on improvement. I try to learn by reference and sketching in general, but outside point of views are a godsend. Sugarcoating is ok once in a while, too, just for some vanity.

12. Do you have any pet peeves with the comments you receive, and the comments you give?
The only pet peeve I have, I believe, is when people are fully in their comments. It really comes off as unappreciative, and a blatant ignoration of the artist's feelings. I can feel really terrible for a long time when that happens, and I imagine others are the same way.

13. In all honesty, when you comment, would you like to receive a comment back?
In all honesty? Yes. I push off my agenda as only helping others for their sake but I'd also like a bit of recognition, too. But people don't have time or aren't interested at the moment or have other issues on their mind... etc., so I don't expect a lot.

14. Do you have any tips and suggestions for new commenters and artists looking for feedback?
To new commenters: keep commenting! It's rather rewarding sharing your thoughts and having others listen. And in terms of constructive commenting, keep balance in mind! (What am I, a zen enthusiast?)

To artists: making connections is pretty important. Share your enthusiasm for someone's work, and they'll return the favour (probably). Or join groups that specifically focus on giving feedback (online or otherwise). Or ask a friend! Be honest about what you want out of someone's feedback, otherwise it'll be a somewhat unsatisfying experience.

15. Ask one question about comments you would like your tagged people to answer!
I don't have friends (shhhh) so to anyone reading this: how often do your comments start a new friendship? Do you wish they would?
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